Von Moltke Writes A Directive

Buzancy, 30th August 1870, 11 p.m.

Although up to the present we have received no news about the positions of the individual corps after the day’s actions, it is clear that the enemy is pulling back or in retreat.
The advance is therefore to be resumed tomorrow at the earliest opportunity, and the enemy energetically engaged wherever he tries to make a stand on this side of the Meuse, and forced into the narrowest possible space between this river and the Belgian frontier.
The Army contingent of His Royal Highness the Crown Prince of Saxony has the specific task of preventing the left flank of the enemy from retiring to the east.
In this regard it would be advisable if at all possible for two corps to press forward on the right bank of the Meuse, and if any attempt should be made to take up a position opposite Mouzon, to attack it in the flank and rear.
Similarly, the Third Army should turn against the enemy’s front and right flank. As much artillery as possible should be set up on this side of the river in such a way that it can disrupt marching or resting enemy columns in the valley on the right bank below Mouzon.
If the enemy should cross into Belgian territory without being immediately disarmed (by Belgian troops), he is to be pursued without delay.
His Majesty the King will be moving to Sommauthe at 8 a.m. Instructions issued by Army Headquarters are to be sent here by that time.

(signed) von Moltke

From The Art of Action by Stephen Bungay, p125