What I’m doing now

(This is a now page, and if you have your own site, you should make one, too.)

I’m home in New Jersey, with occasional travel – a bit less than before.

  • Trying to give my kids my undivided attention for at least 10 hours a week
  • Finishing work on a prototype Situational Awareness system using cognitive computing
  • Catching up with old SF & 10th Mountain friends
  • Finished harvesting my second year of Jersey tomatoes (the first was better)
  • Chopping wood with the axe from Appalachian Axeworks
  • Planting grass seed in the lawn for the spring
  • Reading Stick With It by Dr. Sean Young
  • Fininshed The Art of Action, Command in War, A More Beautiful Question, Start With Why, Tribe, Hillbilly Elegy, and The World Beyond Your Head.

I’m even deeper than before into Mission Command concepts and practical concepts for ground forces situational awareness – if you want to talk about this stuff, feel free to email me: brady.j.moore@gmail.com

If my activities or priorities change, I’ll update this page. Last update was 16 October 2017.